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Colour Range Mocha
Colour Range Russet Red
Colour Range Parchment
Colour Range Charcoal
Colour Range Moonstone
Colour Range Sandstone
Colour Range Sunstone
Colour Range Pewter
Colour Range Bright Terracotta
Colour Range Terracotta
Colour Range sunset
Colour Range volcanic ash

Whether your home is traditional or modern architecture Batavia Pavers will enhance your home in a way that will amaze you.

Use your own ideas and Amazzini & Son's experience to form exciting new areas around the pool, patio and barbecue.

Your driveways, paths, patios and all outside areas will also become a delight when you choose pavers with the natural colours and patterns to truly complement your home.

Batavia Pavers are not only beautiful but also hard-wearing. After the preparation work is done Batavia Pavers are speedily laid giving a new beauty to your home that will last... and last!

All pavers are available in (For an additional cost)


Advantages are:

  • Resistance to mould and moss etc. because pavers remain dry
  • There is a high colour retention
  • High Resistance to salts because the water containing salt cannot enter
  • Dramatic reduction in efflorescence


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Batavia Pavers

Manufactured locally in Geraldton by Amazzini & Son

The home handy man can achieve a great result with Batavia Pavers.

These pavers look impressive but are not costly. They really are value for money in all ways.

Their unique appearance, due to their four bevelled edges will give an extra pleasing shape and style to your newly paved areas.